Early Bird: Before 15 Jan 2018

Conference: June 7, 2018 – June 11, 2018
The Pacific and East Asia Regional Conference will be held at the Chientan Youth Activity Center-Chientan, Taipei, Taiwan.

Theme: For such a time as this – Christian nursing in a troubled world.

Sub themes: Excellence in times like these, Relevance in times like these, HOPE in times like these, Available to God in times like these.

The program will  have a special emphasis on equipping nurses for leadership and involvement in difficult times, – such as  in natural and human disasters, political upheaval, challenging conditions in nursing and health care, opposition and restrictions to expression of Christian faith.  Bible talks will be from the OT book of Esther.

Pre conference training courses 4-6 June

We will offer pre conference training courses in The Art and Science of Spiritual Care, The Saline Process, Faith Community Nursing, and Revitalizing Your NNCF.

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2018年06月1-2日聯校AO Camp

Basic Life Support for Christian Nurses and Nursing students 基督徒護士及護士學生基本生命 …

2018年04月30日團契 – 化干戈為玉帛

又有投訴…… 又有麻煩…… PRO (Patient Relations Officer) 的工作除了 …

2018年03月26日團契 – 對人不對事——我這個人的價值

在忙碌的香港社會中,人往往會視自己的工作果效代表了自身的價值,在護理界這容易使人耗竭的助人行業更不例外。中國神學研究院基督教研究(家庭及婚姻輔導)神學 …